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New Indian Elevators were founded in 1999 with a vision of raising the bar of excellence and providing quality service in the field of elevators. We are the fastest growing company in the elevator industries in Nagpur. We at NIE essentially deal in the Installation, Maintenance & Modernization of elevator. We carter to Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Hospital Elevators. In 1999 developed into a fully-fledged company under the name New Indian Elevators as a result of the continued Support received from our clients and best customer service enabling us.


brand history


Our brand history

New Indian Elevators an ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company working in the Elevator Industry since last 22 years. New Indian Elevators have also registered with Government of Maharashtra, energy department and obtained elevators license for Supply and installation of all types of lifts.


Brand Founder


Shri. Ramesh. M. Wandhare

For more than 45 years in Elevator Industry, the founder of NEW INDIAN ELEVATORS, started his career with Centralized Control way back in 1977 as a lift technician. His devotion towards work got him an opportunity to work under various project., where he worked  under different departments namely Maintenance, Modernization and Erection. With time his expertise got him to start the company known to everyone i.e. “NEW INDIAN ELEVATORS.”

NIE Services used to undertake only maintenance contracts of elevators of different make since 1999. After developing the art of maintaining elevators’ in smooth & sound condition he started his own erection department in the year 2005. Since then his “NEW INDIAN ELEVATORS” has never had a holiday and hence erected and maintaining more than 500 elevators to date. He has achieved this due to continuous Customer Support, who always trust the quality & services of NIE service.

Ramesh. Wandhare is the man who made NEW INDIAN ELEVATORS, a Company known for its Quality, Reliability and mainly for ‘NIE Services’. To continue the same tradition of trust over NIE, R.M. Wandhare second generation, under his guidance, is now providing what you always opt for from NEW INDIAN ELEVATORS through.

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Client we serve


Customer review

They have experienced professionals and a Robust service backup team. Always give correct guidance

muneer sir
Muneer Ahmad

It provides excellent design, quality, and service. Definitely the first choice for the elevator services.

Akshay dukare
Akshay Dukare

It provides good services and the quality of their products is very good. You can trust New Indian Elevators.

mohammad naeem
Mohammad Naeem

New Indian Elevator is a very professional company. Prompt query handling rendered on time.

talha mubashshir
Talha mubashashir

Very reliable and Trustworthy. Happy with their service. Highly they are recommended

Aawaan ahmad
Aawaan Ahmad